VSN Strategies prides itself on assisting clients with exceptional vision, value-generation and thought leadership.

OUR ADVISORY EXPERIENCE includes extensive participation in strategy development, pre-sales planning and presentations to retail and consumer goods marketing firms.

While we work successfully with firms from all sectors of the extended retail consumer products (RCP) industry, we have particular depth in helping solutions providers come to market. VSN provides in-depth market assessments and facilitates strategy workshops that support enhanced decision making.







Selected VSN Clients include:

  • Eastman Kodak Corp. (strategy workshop) - Download Success Story
  • Dial Corporation/Henkel USA (report development) - Download Success Story
  • NielsenIQ (research analysis, articles, eBooks, POV papers)
  • KSS Retail [dunnhumby USA] (gold papers, collateral, site development and WebVox services)
  • Itasca Retail Information Systems (collateral, site development, WebVox services)
  • Precima (research analysis, copywriting, POV papers)
  • Local Express (copywriting, webinar)
  • Mobivity (collateral, site development, WebVox services)
  • GlobalWorx (collateral, site development, WebVox services)
  • LightHausVCI (industry consulting, white paper)
  • SymphonyIRI (white paper development)
  • Neural ID (industry consulting and marketing requirements documentation)
  • King County Library System (patron satisfaction & usage market research)
  • Manthan Systems (copywriting, email campaigns)
  • (startup strategy, go-to market counsel, collateral, WebVox services)
  • Relevance Partners (white paper development)
  • Shop to Cook, Inc. (white paper and collateral development)
  • KhiMetrics, Inc. [SAP] (white paper and collateral development)
  • In-Store Implementation Sharegroup (strategy, white paper development)
  • RetailTactics Inc. (marketing strategy, ebooks, collateral, web content)
  • DemandTec, Inc. [IBM] (white papers, feature articles, collateral development)
  • VCommerce Corp. (sales collateral)
  • Sonora Spring Grapes (consumer market research study; workshop)
  • Phoenix Library System (summer reading program market research)
  • M-Factor, Inc. (gold paper development)
  • Armature Inc. (white paper)
  • The Partnering Group (white paper and manual development )
  • Del Monte Fresh Produce (e-business opportunity and strategic planning)
  • PRN Networks (online media concept development, design and go-to-market strategy)
  • Gourmet Award Foods/Tree of Life (e-business opportunity and strategy study)
  • Interactive Edge (positioning, Web content, white paper)
  • CPM International (study of third party field merchandising services in the U.S.)

Upon request we would be delighted to detail how we helped these fine companies.

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