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VSN Expert Storytelling

VSN STRATEGIES PROVIDES COMPREHENSIVE Expert Storytelling, B2B Content Marketing strategy, planning, creative and copy writing services, leveraging deep knowledge of retail technology and consumer marketing. Deliverables include eBooks, Gold Papers, POV Papers, feature articles, reports, collateral, presentations, Web, social media, ad copy and more. We invest the time and effort to fully comprehend your business challenges and market objectives to deliver the highest level of clarity and precision. It’s our reputation at stake too, and we do not compromise on quality.

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VSN WebVox™

VSN Webvox Expert StorytellingCreation and curation of your company’s online and offline voice. VSN blends message strategy, content creation and ongoing maintenance of your multi-channel media presence for an affordable monthly fee. We participate as a high-value extension of your marketing team. Program elements are selected and combined to match your strategic marketing objectives. Download VSN WebVox™ Facts

VSN Gold Papers™

We invented the Gold Paper to help solution providers deliver a more dynamic, focused and effective communications alternative to the common white paper. Custom-written Gold Papers define the distinctive benefits of your solution offerings with brevity and precision, to help your account executives counter objections and expedite the sales cycle. View a sample from our Portfolio. Download VSN Gold Paper™ facts

WebVox Cascade™VSN Webvox Cascade Expert Storytelling

Adapting the “content pillar” or “waterfall” methodology currently in favor among digital marketers, VSN Strategies works closely with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop a comprehensive eBook or other major asset that showcases your industry expertise. We derive numerous smaller assets from the primary and build a communication program with multiple elements that can be released programmatically over weeks or months. A Cascade may coordinate expert storytelling with custom research, Gold Papers, blog posts, LinkedIn and Twitter posts, webinars, videos, infographics, landing pages, email campaigns, direct mail and print – dozens of elements that establish and reinforce your brand and your industry thought leadership. Download VSN WebVox Cascade™ facts

VSN POV Papers™

Industry analyst groups charge high fees for original research but deliver relatively limited assets – typically a large research paper or eBook and a webinar or presentation at an industry event. VSN takes a comprehensive second look into your survey dataset to extract key nuggets. We expand these into multiple POV Papers or other content assets that extend the exposure of your research investment across several months, yielding greater ROI on your research investment. Download VSN POV Paper™ facts