A specialized B2B marketing advisory firm

OUR SCOPE OF PRACTICE ranges across the extended Retail Consumer Products industry:

Tech and Solutions Innovators: Position your solutions for the retail and brand marketing sector.

Retailers and Marketers: Master the shopper proposition through technology and consumer relationship know-how.

Practitioners: Track, analyze and understand emerging trends in methodology, technology and shopper behavior.

Visualize and implement superior performance at retail

Founded by consultant/analyst James Tenser, the agency blends actionable Strategic Insight and Advisory with our customized Expert Storytelling and creative services. It's all backed by analysis and opinion content of Tenser's Tirades.

VSN maintains strategic affiliations with several organizations and individuals that share common goals and complementary business skills. We leverage our network of creatives and subject matter experts on an as-needed basis to meet client requirements while maximizing project cost-effectiveness.


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