Market Intelligence VSN

ViSioN Research and Analysis Services

VSN STRATEGIES MARKET INTELLIGENCE delivers content/trend analysis, interprets research data sets, and conducts original marketing research. Our clients span the Retail Consumer Products Industry. Expertise in business journalism and market research methodology bring a highly-reliable and unique perspective to your research questions.

Subject matter ranges across shopper behavior, economic trends, customer service practices, technology adoption, retail operations and consumer perception.  Our clients are diverse, ranging across retail tech firms, industry groups, publishers, produce growers, and public libraries.

ViSioN-Briefings: Market Intelligence

VSN prepares dossier-type reports, industry analysis, and briefing papers. We focus on key industry sectors, competition, and published trend data. Deliverables are derived from content/trend analysis of numerous third-party sources across the industry.

Clients retain us to assemble a comprehensive and unbiased picture to support strategic decision-making. We dive deep, prepare reports, analyze trends and stand beside our clients to present key findings at corporate, virtual and industry events.

ViSioN-Insights: Original Survey Research

VSN performs B2B and B2C survey research on topics of crucial interest to the Retail Consumer Products Industry. We design commissioned studies for retail tech and solution firms, industry groups, and other clients to shed light on industry and consumer trends.

Hypotheses are developed based on VSN’s extensive market intelligence, industry knowledge and tracking of industry events. We employ industry standard fielding methodologies to assure validity. The results are highly-refined reports that help clients advance their reputation with customers and prospects.

ViSioN-POV: Interpret Your Research

Industry analyst groups charge high fees for original research but deliver relatively limited assets – typically a large research paper or eBook and a webinar or presentation at an industry event. Our supplementary reports add value.

VSN takes a comprehensive second look into your survey dataset to extract key nuggets. We expand these into multiple Point of View Papers or other content assets that augment the exposure of your research investment. The result is a greater ROI on your research investment, extending the impact over months.