Expertise in Retail and Tech

Subject Matter Expertise

EXPAND YOUR INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE. VSN Strategies maintains particular subject matter depth in multiple areas related to retailing, product marketing, merchandising, customer service and related technologies.

We address a number of core subject matter areas with consulting engagements, research, workshops and executive briefings. Some examples of our analyses may be found in our Content Marketing Portfolio and on the Tenser's Tirades blog. VSN applies an intense curiosity to your business questions, which manifests in superior research, strategic counsel, and education. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Retail Media

VSN Strategies leverages knowledge of Retail Media (also known as "shopper media," "in-store media" and "digital advertising"). We track Retail Media and in-store network operators, and deliver presentations on issues surrounding media measurement. We have advised several network operators on their technology and go-to-market strategy.

Pricing and Inventory Optimization

VSN Strategies has more than 15 years experience working with multiple solution providers on projects related to demand-based pricing optimization and related retail optimization technologies. We apply a detailed working knowledge of the principles behind these solutions and to assist VSN clients in communicating their value propositions.

In-Store Implementation

VSN Strategies was a founding participant in the In-Store Implementation Network, and principal James Tenser presently serves as the group's Director. Tenser was lead author of the ISI Sharegroup 2008 "Working Paper" and he continues to define the issues surrounding this important industry initiative. VSN offers specialized counsel and education on issues related to merchandising compliance, performance metrics, and impact on ROI.

Unified Digital Commerce

VSN's analyst and consulting practice originated with VStoreNews, the pioneering e-letter launched in 1998 to cover online (or virtual store) retailing. The interplay between virtual and brick and mortar channels has been described in many ways – "omni-channel", "all-channel" – but we think "Unified Digital Commerce" is the most apt descriptor. With two-decades' experience covering this sector, VSN is your go-to resource.

Shopper Behavior

VSN Strategies has a practice focus on retailing and consumer science. We provide primary and secondary marketing research, analysis and interpretation. Areas of special depth include the quality-satisfaction-loyalty continuum, customer service, customer relationship management, value-seeking and consumption behavior.

Library Patronage

VSN Strategies has a specialized knowledge of public library systems, patron satisfaction and behavior as a result of several successful marketing research engagements with large public library systems. Our methods are proprietary and can be scaled to match the organization's needs.

Merchandising Performance Management

VSN Strategies defined this retail solution category. MPM solutions extend beyond work force management (WFM) and store execution management (SEM) solutions presently in use in the retail and merchandising fields. This discipline begins with identification and management of merchandising resources. Measurement of merchandising performance has profound strategic implications.

The Incredible Dissolving Store

The interplay between shopper interactions at retail and in the realms of social, mobile, local and search breaks down the barriers that used to separate physical and virtual stores. We are witness to the vanishing boundaries of the in-store environment, due to the advent of personal digital technology, changing consumer habits, unified commerce and the immense flows of unstructured and structured data that these are creating for Shopper Marketers.